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:icondragontail3plz:Some of my favorite pieces by you beautiful people!


Burn it up by blazewind95
Burn it up
A wild Blaze appeared! Pikachu shock  hehe yeah bad joke...Pikachu is not shure 

So I got bored and did a little procrastination doodle while workin on some other stuff (this: and the result I'm actually pretty happy with Pikachu gasp Plz 

it's been AGES since I've drawn a sonic character like this not to mention one of my first attempts at drawing fire so this picture pleases me Pikachu Plz 
Insomniac sketch by blazewind95
Insomniac sketch
A random little something I'd done  a while back Yato (Sneaky Bad Neko) [V1] 
Lulzcanthelpthatimawkward by blazewind95
separate version of this because I like how it looked and will be my new id
Hehenope by blazewind95
le page two and they really weren't the bad kind of creepy or crazy just a tad too much for me to handle (lots of dark stuff) but one quote in particular caught my attention "I'm not crazy my realities just different from yours" now I'm pretty sure that was cheshire from alice but the image used just creeped me out among other things but still left me thinking. oh well humans are a challenge enough for me to understand anyways. i suppose it's just one less painful detachment i'll have to suffer from (i'm not always like that but I can be the cold distant type iCray)

again Somnus (c) :iconblazewind95: no steal cuz stuff happens to bad people (i think...)
Yeahishouldntikno by blazewind95
uploading by panel on here cuz who knows when I'll actually feel like oranizing it into le full comic i had planned

anyways i actually did do this but only out of late night curiosity and i wanted to know what i'd be getting into roleplaying with this person (I avidly avoid people I find to be super creepy or having potential of being a danger and call me paranoid if you want but i rarely sleep as is why add another reason ^^; )

Somnus is mine to torture alone because why not abuse your art self hahakillmeplz

no stealing if u like keeping ur fingers attached (I've been in this kind of crazy mood all day so try me ^^ waitsforthewaveofunwatches)


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Lately I've been having many a restless night wondering and worrying about friends and things of that nature as well as my own emotions which had nearly begun to get the better of me as my mind began to wander to places it shouldn't negative thoughts, ideas of suicide and others which I wont get into too much detail about.

I'd begun to feel like a failure, assuming I'd let down friends, family and even more my own self. To think that I'd let myself fall so far and come close to rock bottom all because I let my burdensome emotions get the better of me. I admit I'd come close to trying the things that had come to mind spending hours brooding and pondering what to do and how to do it. Then I'd heard from someone who needed just a bit more help than I did but seen was beginning to think I had failed them.

It wasn't until tonight when one in particular had come across a situation that brought them close to their own breaking point and those things that I had thought of doing, considering things I should have never let cross my mind had come to wear on their own. So I did what I think any person would or I would hope and think should and talked to them. And we did. and talked, and talked and talked. and finally a resolve. Healing. Bonding. Coping with pain. Reminding on another how things get better even when it's hard.

I feel like many people likely go through its but their decisions sometimes have grater consequences than those of others. Today and for awhile I'd led myself to believe I couldn't do anything for anyone and that I was utterly useless. Then today happened and tonight happened and I managed to help bring them out of their dark place and in doing so found my out out of mine.

I know I likely sound like a fortune cookie or a novella one but I realize everyone goes through's a part of life and is something we all deal with it something we've all encountered...and even though it hurts we have to learn not to let it dominate and overpower us. It may be our choice as to whether we want to move on or not but I'm definitely coming to realize how much easier it is to hold on to it and how it's just a easy (though not always so much) how we should take that pain, accept it, and soon begin to move on from our pain and heal and keep living.

One final note in what I've learned is that life goes on no matter what happens but it's our choice whether we plan to move on with it.

(Man that was long) but until next time I hope all of you have a good night/good morning and an even better life~

3/13/15 3am
  • Mood: Caring
  • Listening to: Durarara!! OST



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United States
My names blazewind95 but you can call me Insomniac (or Somnus if you'd prefer)
I'm a sleepless artist that loves to draw, my tools of the trade are my Wacom Intuos Pro and Clip Studio Paint and pencil and paper if I feel like it.
Hope you'll stay for a while

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✔ Mentally dating a character that doesn't actually exist

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